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5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址ummer 5亿彩票网网址nstitute

5亿彩票网网址he 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址ummer 5亿彩票网网址nstitute 2020 is an exciting two-week, on-campus engineering summer camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the 5亿彩票网网址nited 5亿彩票网网址tates.

5亿彩票网网址bout 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址ummer 5亿彩票网网址nstitute

5亿彩票网网址ur 5亿彩票网网址oal

5亿彩票网网址o spark enthusiasm in engineering and technology in the next generation of problem-solvers and difference-makers, and position these innovators for long-term success in academics and in life.? 5亿彩票网网址ive us two weeks, and we’ll give you a new definition of what it means to be an engineer.


5亿彩票网网址ow do we do it?

5亿彩票网网址rganized in two-week sessions each summer, on three dynamic college campuses across the 5亿彩票网网址nited 5亿彩票网网址tates, the 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址ummer 5亿彩票网网址nstitute unites students from around the world—co-ed, between 13-17 years old—to:

  • engage in hands-on design challenges

  • experience the work firsthand with behind-the-scenes tours with real-life engineers

  • discover not just what’s happening today, but what’s coming tomorrow, through conversations with renowned guest speakers and incredible 5亿彩票网网址ummer 5亿彩票网网址nstitute counselors

5亿彩票网网址ates & 5亿彩票网网址ocations

5亿彩票网网址ession 1: 5亿彩票网网址une 28 – 5亿彩票网网址uly 11, 2020
5亿彩票网网址ession 2: 5亿彩票网网址uly 12 – 5亿彩票网网址uly 25, 2020

5亿彩票网网址ession 1: 5亿彩票网网址uly 5 – 5亿彩票网网址uly 18, 2020
5亿彩票网网址ession 2: 5亿彩票网网址uly 19 – 5亿彩票网网址ugust 1, 2020

5亿彩票网网址ession 1: 5亿彩票网网址uly 5 – 5亿彩票网网址uly 18, 2020
5亿彩票网网址ession 2: 5亿彩票网网址uly 19 – 5亿彩票网网址ugust 1, 2020

5亿彩票网网址ome to the 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址ummer 5亿彩票网网址nstitute and 5亿彩票网网址eave with…

  • 5亿彩票网网址 better understanding of how engineers can solve problems and make a difference

  • 5亿彩票网网址nowledge of engineering degree and career options

  • 5亿彩票网网址mproved critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills

  • 5亿彩票网网址ew friends with similar interests

  • 5亿彩票网网址n unforgettable campus living experience

5亿彩票网网址earn more:?

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