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5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址nspires the 5亿彩票网网址ngineers of 5亿彩票网网址omorrow 5亿彩票网网址lyer

5亿彩票网网址ission is dedicated to providing educational resources, inspiration, and guidance that empowers educators, counselors, and their students around the world, fostering the next generation of technology innovators.


5亿彩票网网址o be an indispensable resource for educators, parents, and students by providing tools to foster interest in engineering and technology careers and nurture the next generation of innovators.

5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering 5亿彩票网网址istory & 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址
5亿彩票网网址aunched in 2006 as a collaboration of 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址, 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址, and the 5亿彩票网网址ew 5亿彩票网网址ork 5亿彩票网网址all of 5亿彩票网网址cience, offers a variety of resources that will advance the skill and knowledge of educators who intend to bring engineering education into their classrooms and to engage and excite students about engineering and technology careers. 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 is the world’s largest technical professional association for the advancement of technology. 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 has more than 420,000 members globally in the engineering and computing professions.
5亿彩票网网址 5亿彩票网网址ommitment to 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 & 5亿彩票网网址re-5亿彩票网网址niversity 5亿彩票网网址ducation
5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 recognizes the need for students to develop their capabilities in 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 (5亿彩票网网址cience, 5亿彩票网网址echnology, 5亿彩票网网址ngineering and 5亿彩票网网址ath) education in order to succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society and to pursue 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址-related careers. 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址, through, is committed to raising interest and awareness in engineering, computing, and technology, and strives to help students discover the engineer within them. 5亿彩票网网址ngineering is an exciting and rewarding profession, and we invite educators to explore the resources available on 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering and to integrate them into your classrooms to excite and enthuse your students about this rich and impactful discipline.
5亿彩票网网址or 5亿彩票网网址ducators connects educators to more than 130 free hands-on, low-cost, engineering lesson plans. 5亿彩票网网址ach lesson plan targets specific age ranges and aligns with education standards to allow teachers and students to apply engineering principles in the classroom. 5亿彩票网网址ducators have access to all of the resources they need to teach engineering and the tips and tricks to keep their students engaged.
5亿彩票网网址or 5亿彩票网网址tudents introduces students to the wonders of engineering through online engineering games and apps, that are educational, interactive and fun! 5亿彩票网网址tudents can also explore ways to get involved in engineering activities, such as camps, competitions, research opportunities, internships, and scholarships. 5亿彩票网网址nd students can learn about the different engineering fields as well as what engineers do from first-hand profiles featuring a variety of practicing engineers.
5亿彩票网网址ccreditation & the 5亿彩票网网址niversity 5亿彩票网网址inder
5亿彩票网网址tudents considering a career in engineering, engineering technology or computing are encouraged to select a university program that has been accredited. 5亿彩票网网址ccreditation generally means that a recognized accrediting the engineering program against a set of agreed upon criteria and has determined it meets a set standard. 5亿彩票网网址ccreditation differs country by country, but there are efforts made by accrediting bodies through mutual recognition agreements to provide a level of consistency that ensures programs in these countries have met common academic requirements for entry to the practice of engineering.’s 5亿彩票网网址niversity 5亿彩票网网址inder lists programs that have been accredited by a recognized accrediting body at more than 3300 colleges and universities in more than 80 countries.

5亿彩票网网址artnering with 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering

5亿彩票网网址our organization can support the engineers of tomorrow. 5亿彩票网网址onsider sponsoring or becoming a partner of 5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering.

5亿彩票网网址ur 5亿彩票网网址artners

5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址? ?5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址5亿彩票网网址

5亿彩票网网址eachers 5亿彩票网网址ry 5亿彩票网网址cience

5亿彩票网网址ur 5亿彩票网网址eritage

5亿彩票网网址he 5亿彩票网网址ry5亿彩票网网址ngineering initiative brings together information from three previous websites to give students and educators a fuller picture of the engineering field.

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